Ear-splitting & Unsaid

You bitch and moan
It makes me want to scream
If you do not like it—change it

Do not sit and wallow in unhappiness
Your negative energy invades
The positive I desperately try to emanate

You can not complain in one breath
Then do nothing about it in the next

You do not have the right
To soil everything around you
I am right here next to you

You think you are venting
Is it really my duty to listen?

You are ruining me
Negativity is now pouring out of me
In the form of whining and sighing

I agreed with your harsh statements
I mirrored your sarcastic tone
Bringing injury to my once happy demeanor

I do not want to erase what we have become
But have to prevent the not-so-distant inevitability
That I am going to snap

The only release I have
Is the pissed-off-poet inside of me
Screaming these words out loud

Copyright © 2010 N.E. Tasker

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