A Week and A Day

From today, I have one week and one day left to wait until I fly to New Hampshire. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!

I am excited…

  • to meet my future sister-in-law and celebrate their engagement
  • to see my Soph-a-loaf and rub her belly
  • to flop on my bed and smell my childhood sheets
  • to sit at the kitchen counter and talk to my Momma while she cooks
  • to walk in the backyard and get bitten by mosquitoes
  • to drink water from the well my dad dug with his bare hands
  • to sit in the couch and watch TV until my folks fall asleep
  • to sweat in the evening air like I’ve never sweat before
  • to hug every aunt, uncle and cousin
  • to pick blueberries in the back yard
  • to soak up and memorize everything I love about this state and take it with me when I go
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