Leaving Early

My office is great about letting you leave work early to accommodate  appointments you have (doctor, dentist, dermatologist, oil change, etc). The only thing that you have to do is let your boss know and then they are usually fine with it, but my boss? He doesn’t give a crap! I used to email him a week in advance to let him know the day and time I had to leave and for what kind of appointment. Then he recently told me to stop, that he doesn’t care when I come and go, just to be reachable on my cell phone.

I’ve had a lot of “appointments” in the past few weeks, mostly because I was out of town for three weeks and had postponed a lot of doctor’s visits until I returned from traveling. In the past, I had felt guilty about sending those emails about needing to leave early and then skipping out, but EVERYONE in my office does it and they don’t have a hint of guilt so I thought, “Why not me????”

Today is the fourth time I had to tell my boss that I needed to leave early. I was going to wait until this afternoon, but the perfect opportunity presented itself…

He said, “I’m golfing tomorrow afternoon.”

I replied with, “And I have to leave at 4pm today.”

His response was, “What?! Just kidding, I don’t care. Take off at 3:30pm.”

I couldn’t believe it! It has gotten super slow for us mid-week so being able to leave at 3:30pm is going to be a huge treat. And then not having my boss around all afternoon tomorrow will be equally enjoyable. What is the appointment I have this afternoon, you ask? Why, it’s an appointment to get my hair cut, of course!  😛

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  1. Momma says:

    I am so happy you have such a nice boss…I do too!!! xxoo

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