Soak My Bones

I hate working out. I don’t run that much anymore. My afternoon jogs have turned into really fast speed-walking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m haulin’ ass on my walks–so much so that I am moving faster than my crazy basenji! I’m sure I look like a sight all speed walking and swinging my arms with a dog at the full leash extension behind me. Sometimes she just stops and sits down and makes me tug at the leash hooked to her neck.

Monday I was being really good. I got home and quickly threw on work out clothes and went for a speed walk. My hinges were hurting later that evening, but I made sure to do extra stretching before bed.

Tuesday morning I woke up so sore! My bones were aching and I had a killer headache, which I do usually get when my back is sore or tight from working out. No amount of stretching, icing or Advil can decrease the ache. I just have to grit and bear it until I can go out for another speed walk that afternoon (which is what I did). That work out totally kicked my butt because my head was just pounding the entire time. As the walk came to an end, I was fantasizing about a hot shower to loosen up my body and hopefully prepare myself for a pain-free sleep.

I turned on the shower when I got home and then turned it right back off again. I headed to the guest bathroom down the hall and ran a bath with pineapple-coconut bubbles. I sat in the too-small-for-me tub, knees poking out of the sudsy water and let my eyes shut and my entire self relax. My silent enjoyment was disrupted occasionally by a basenji coming in to taste the bubbles and smooch my face. Although the tub was built for ants, I still enjoyed a long bone soak and was able to turn my night around.

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