Hate Halloween

I hate Halloween. That’s right, I said it! I do not like dressing up or the pressure to eat all that fatty candy. And I especially hate being scared. I had to fight my boyfriend-at-the-time-but-now-husband when he insisted we enter the haunted walk-through thing at Universal. It was themed for The Mummy movie and I was nearly in tears. That is how much I truly HATE being scared.

I do not understand people that would pay to see a movie that is designed to scare the crap out of them. Or maybe they see it once, but again and again? All those creepy scary movies about Freddy, Jason and now Saw…I just don’t know how people do it. I have two friends that I always see separately, one at work and one is my hairdresser, but we do movies/dinner a lot. You may have remembered me referring to them as my “freak friends” because they are also into the whole vampire thing like I am. Well, both of them are so busy dressing up and going to Halloween parties that they can’t have a normal outing with me this weekend. Freaks!

For the second or third year in a row (hard to remember something you care so little about) Ryan and I will be at his parents house on Halloween night, which is totally fine by me. I don’t have to buy candy that no one eats and although I may have to man the door, I’ll have a crazy Basenji dressed up in a tuxedo to keep me safe, along with four other dogs in the house–perfect!

I used to purchase candy to hand out. The first year in our house I did what my mom always did, which was buy all the mini¬†candy bars¬†and mix&match them in zip-lock bags so that the trick-or-treaters got a good variety. I turned on all my lights inside and out so that people would know I was home. I even had the Charlie Brown Halloween special on the TV to set the mood. Guess what?? I didn’t get one single witch, superhero or too-old-t0-not-be-a-teenager trying to pass as a princess.

I was so mad no one came that I decided to never buy candy again. I also try to not be at home and either go out to dinner or the movies or to Ryan’s parents house on the night that Halloween rolls around.

When I was younger, I would dress up every year and from what I can recall, loved the candy aspect of it, but still wasn’t keen on the getting-scared part. My most memorable years, I dressed up as bat girl, Miss Piggy, and my favorite costume of all time was Rainbow Brite. As Rainbow Brite I had the best rainbow wig made of tiny plastic strands that were tri-colored. However, I can not find a picture of that outfit, so I inserted one of me as what I must assume is a fairy princess while playing the Eat-Donut-Off-String game at one of my Aunt Melinda’s fun Halloween parties. Now, I say “fun” because I was like 7 and nothing was scary at these parties. Anyway, that’s all I have to say on the subject, I’m ready for it to be November 1st already so we can celebrate Cali turning 4!

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