Happy Birthday Cali!

Today Cali turns 4 years old. Can you believe it!? Ryan and I certainly can not.

It feels like just yesterday I was walking into the Burbank Animal Shelter to rescue her and out came the shelter worker holding a rainbow cord hooked to the neck of a crazy, 8 month old animal. I immediately regretted Ryan’s decision (he had picked out the dog the night before). But I quickly warmed up to her, especially on the ride home when Ryan and I ran through my post it of dog name suggestions (which I insisted on doing quickly, because he was starting to refer to her by her breed’s name ‘Basenji’. The names on this list went something like:

  • Vespa
  • Kitty
  • Abbey
  • Mercedes
  • Taska
  • Cali

To my mother’s credit, Cali was her suggestion. And once we said it, Cali’s enormous ears perked up even higher and we knew that was going to be her name. Since that day, three years and four months ago, we continue to refer to Cali as the missing link that made us a family. Before, we were just a couple, but with Cali we were a family unit.

Today, after we got home from work and had dinner, we got all of Cali’s birthday gifts together and ate cake.  It was great!  Enjoy the following pictures of the momentous occasion.





About three seconds after this last photo was taken, Cali put her entire mouth around the piece of cake, picked it up off the plate and carried it into the living room to fully enjoy it on our brand new carpet. Awesome!

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