On the 1st day of Christmas…

…I got a broken refrigerator and a busted connection from our heating unit to our condo. ¬†Fa la la la la – la la la la! Awesome! We knew the house was chilly; warm air (or any air at all for that matter) stopped filling our house on Dec 23. We called the fix-it guy and he came out, pounded on the roof for five minutes and said that the problem was solved. Well, he was WRONG!

Three days later I had to call him back (which was Dec 26 by the way) and explain yet again that the heat was no longer working. Being the day after Christmas, no one was on-call–AWESOMENESS! So we bundled up for another long and chilly night. Me in my hoodie and Ryan in his fleece, Cali in between us with fluttering feet.

Meanwhile, on Christmas morning (Dec 25) I walked downstairs to find a large puddle of water in our kitchen, right in front of our refrigerator. Low and behold, not only was the thing defrosting, but it was just about totally defrost-ED! All the frozen items were soggy–the only thing holding the klondike bars together was the chocolatey coating–I couldn’t resist and tapped one to see a mini explosion of liquid ice cream.

Instead of being able to look at all the gifts I had opened up the night before (remember, Ryan’s family tradition is to open presents on Christmas Eve) I was mopping up the floor and emptying the refrigerator. Nothing we did could get the old clunker to get cold. Awesome!

Later that evening, Ryan measured the refrigerator’s space in our kitchen, took his credit card upstairs and got cozy in our chilly bedsheets with his laptop. He went to bestbuy.com and purchased a brand new refrigerator 5 minutes later. And I thought that I was an impulse buyer! The good news is we got a very good after-the-holidays deal on the new stainless steel fridge, but it could not be delivered until 8 days later on Jan 2. Luckily, we have an old refrigerator hooked up in our garage to keep extra soda cold and just used that one until our new one arrived.

The connection from our condo to the heating unit was finally fixed on Dec 27. Since then our house has been oh-so-toasty!

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