The Return of Coffee

I cut caffeine from my morning ritual, which was hard at first because I was so used to prepping my travel mug with a k-cup of Donut Shop flavored coffee from my Keurig. There is a small amount of caffeine you are allowed to have per day while pregnant, but since even decaf drinks have some caffeine in them, it is wise to cut it out all together.

I did switch to decaf k-cups for my Keurig and brought some to work to use in the Keurig there. However, I lost the taste for coffee when I was about 6 weeks pregnant. I no longer wished I could brew a cup and needed to avoid the smell at all costs.

When I would be using the toaster to get my English muffin ready for some melty peanut butter, I would gag at the smell of coffee being brewed by others around me and it was gross to see them drinking it in front of me. For a while I craved tea, just like my mom used to make it: 2 splendas and cream. I switch to decaf tea to satisfy this craving.

This morning I woke up and all I could think about was having a cup of coffee and how delicious it always tasted in the morning. While I got my English muffin ready, I brewed one of the decaf k-cups and put in the delicious creamer that makes it so frothy and thick. It was delicious! It was the perfect compliment to my English muffin.

It is funny how some things I totally loved before getting knocked up now made me feel so sick just to think about. Another craving I am having these days is for sushi. I know that’s a no-no, but a girl can dream, right!?

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