Prenatal Massage

My big Christmas gift from Ryan was a year’s membership to Massage Heights, which is a nice chain of massage facilities across the country. They are not a full service spa, they do not have the same┬ásteam room, sauna and showers/locker rooms that a Burke Williams has, but their prices are great. And with the membership, I get one massage each month.

The best part about this facility is the have a couple of masseuses that are trained and certified to do prenatal massages so that us prego ladies can get a nice rub down just like everyone else!

I have been to this facility once and it is great. I undress in the room, get cozy underneath the sheets and lie on my side. When the masseuse comes in, she helps me place a pillow between my knees and one between my arms so that I am comfortable in this side position.

At first, it was hard to get totally relaxed. I have gotten a lot of massages in my lifetime, and I am used to starting a massage on the table–face down, feeling incredibly relaxed and letting my muscles loosen before they even start massaging all my achey bones. This past weekend I had my second massage at Massage Heights and it felt five thousand times better than the first one. I think it was mostly due to the fact that I was more comfortable lying on my side with pillows shoved everywhere. My shoulders were also super tight all week and the masseuse could tell so she worked on kneading out those knots.

Every time I leave the facility, it is free of charge because the cost is covered by my membership, so all I have to do is leave a tip and make my next appointment. As part of the membership, if I want an additional massage after my monthly one, it is at a discoutned rate. And I can also come with a guest and their massage is also discounted as well.

And to boot, the massage place is located above a Yozen Frogurt, so when I am done getting my muscles massaged, I can go get some yummy yogurt!

It is by far the BEST gift I ever got!

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