Come on already!

I’m at the point right now where I really REALLY want to meet my baby. And I’ve got about 4 months left to go! I am just so anxious to see what he looks like, hear what he sounds like and fill my nose with that soft baby smell. I am sure I will be tired and cranky and wishing to still be cooking him in my belly once he is finally here. I know the diapers will be stinky and that sleep will not come easy. But right now, I want the baby!

I am also ready for the nursery stuff to get done. I feel like even though we have months and months of time, that the time is going to fly by so quickly. Before we know it, we’ll be rushing to paint and put together the crib and all that jazz. Now that I have registered for everything we want/need, there is a vision in my head of how everything will look and I can not wait to see it in person!

But I am trying to enjoy this time right now, just me, Ryan and Cali. After all, we were already a family after we got Cali so we are really just adding to the clan. I know that once our baby boy is here, we will not be able to lounge all day in bed on the weekends, we may not be getting that much sleep and we will dream of the days when it was just us three.

I do like that we are not scrambling these days to get everything done. For Christmas I got a glider, which I was dying to have in the nursery, so we put that together in late December. And then about two weeks ago, I packed up all my Elvis collectibles off the shelves, removed the Elvis clock off the wall, carefully wrapped up the ceramic Elvis ornaments I had pinned on the wall, found a place for a couple of really unique Elvis items in other rooms of the house and then boxed it all up and put it in the garage for storage.

I have to pack up the comforter/pillows/blankets from the bed in that room, as well as the curtains and take down the ladder-shelf and store all of that in the garage as well. Then we have to engage in the major undertaking of dismantling the bed and finding a place for the pieces-parts in the garage as well. Ryan recently put up shelves in our garage so everything is a bit more organized and the amount of free space we have is pretty amazing.

After all of that is done, then we can figure out the color for the walls and start painting! When we painted our downstairs living room, it took an entire weekend (a Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday) but that was a much larger room. So I think that we will be able to get our little boy’s room done in a weekend no sweat. As soon as that is complete, we can leave it to dry and then start setting up the crib, dresser, glider–bing-bang-boom–you have a nursery!

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