Monday night as I was pulling into our driveway, Ryan was just about to take Cali for a long walk. He asked if I wanted to go with them and I was ecstatic because I never get to walk with him. I am usually taking Cali on my own because he is working out on his own–and let me tell you, walking alone with the puppy in the dark gets lonely after a while. They waited for me outside while I rushed in the house, dropped my purse and changed my clothes.

The route he took us on was not one I had ever done before, so it was really nice to get a change of scenery and it was an added bonus having someone to talk to (other than myself) while exercising. It was a little bit longer than my normal walks, which are usually about 25-30 minutes. This walk was about 45 minutes. I felt great after we got home and totally wanted to do that walk again.

Tuesday night came and Ryan was working out on the elliptical at his parent’s house so I bundled up, got Cali ready in her blinking collar and leash with lights. We headed out and the first half of the walk was great. But there’s a point halfway through the walk where you have to cross a street and head up the hill to keep going a bit further and extend the amount of exercise you are getting–or you can take a right and head back to our house. Well, at that point I thought for a minute that I would cut the walk short and head home, but decided to keep going and do the exact same route Ryan took us on the night before.

When on that Monday walk with Ryan, I remembered crossing the street, walking up the hill and taking the first street on the right, which is what I did on the Tuesday walk. However, this street dumps you into a neighborhood with about four other streets that branch out and twist and turn into dead ends or cul-de-sacs–only one of them releases you out of the neighborhood onto the main street that leads up to our house. My goal was to take this street because that is the way we went on the Monday walk, but I had the hardest time finding it! I did successfully locate a couple dead ends and before I knew it, I was totally confused and did not know where to go. It did not help that I wasn’t wearing my glasses or contacts and it was getting darker and darker by the minute.

So I looked at Cali (who was getting as annoyed as I was) and we decided to turn around, find the way we came into this labyrinth of neighborhood streets and continue walking up the hill. Once we hit a major cross street, I knew where I was, took a right and continued to walk in the dark along a street I hardly traverse these days because the sidewalks are creepily filled with an overflow of bushes and there are no overhead streetlights to be found. Good thing I had the flashlight leash!

By the time we got home, we had been gone over an hour! Cali and I were both exhausted and thirsty so we made our way to our water sources and got a big drink. While she flopped on the cool tile floor in the kitchen, I flopped on the couch in the living room.

The worst part about the whole ordeal was revealing to Ryan that yes I went for a walk, but I had no idea where I was going!

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