Baby Is An Acrobat!

My baby is definitely stretching his legs and swinging his arms these days. A few weeks ago, I only felt the fluttering movement at night. But these days I feel it all the time: when I’m driving the car, when lying in bed, right when I wake up or when I’m chilling on the couch. He is movin’ and groovin’!

It is probably the mostĀ reassuringĀ feeling a mom-to-be can ever experience. Once you make it through the first few months without any major complications, the fluttering is like an early reward. Although the ultimate reward is finally meeting your baby–holding him and looking into his eyes and seeing him smile–this fluttering feeling is enough to make you smile and know that yes, you are carrying a baby in your belly and yes, he’s doing just fine!

My anxious moments and nightmares about anything and everything a mom-to-be could possibly worry about are now going away. The weirdest dream I had was last night’s about my belly button; I dreamed it was made of black yarn and I pulled the yarn and out came a huge ball–which was my belly button! It was pretty odd. I cleaned it really well in the shower this morning and kept thinking I would feel the yarn in there. Eeek!

The movement in my belly feels like he has a box of crayons and is coloring the inside of me. The more he colors, the more confident I grow that my baby is going to be on the rotisserie for the entire 9 months. He will be healthy and beautiful and wonderful and everything a mom could hope for in a son.

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