Impromptu Date

Sunday night after Ryan got cleaned up from playing soccer earlier that day, we headed out to find some food. It was still early in the evening around 5pm and we had talked about going to the movies as well. But as we headed out, he said that he wasn’t feeling the movies. So I asked where we would go. He said he wasn’t sure, but I could tell by the look in his eye he knew exactly where we were going. I am pretty easy going with nightly plans and I am not as picky about food as my husband is so these kinds of last minute changes to our evening out never bother me.

I tried to guess in my head where we were going. According to the direction we were driving, we weren’t going to Magoo’s for pizza and we weren’t going to Famous Dave’s for BBQ. I stopped guessing and carried on our conversation as we drove along. Then we got close to the Stonefire Grill and I thought to myself, ugh! I am NOT in the mood for BBQ tonight! Then as he drove past that restaurant and parked in front of the Melting Pot I said, “Where are we going!?” Even though I already knew.

Ryan had checked Open Table’s online reservations before we left the house to see if our favorite fondue restaurant had available seating at 5pm, which they did. He took a leap of faith that they wouldn’t be busy and he was right! We walked right in!

We enjoyed a full meal of cheddar cheese fondue, salad, filet mignon fondue with plenty of veggies, and then we topped it all off with milk chocolate and crunchy peanut butter fondue for dessert. It was way better than going to the movies!

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