Child Birth Classes

Last night was the first of a 3-class series of child birth classes. I am not making Ryan read any of the baby books during my pregnancy, but he does have to listen to me when I tell him baby-related and pregnancy-related things. However, Ryan is like most men and what I tell him goes in one ear and out the other.

I stated early on in my pregnancy that I wanted Ryan to attend these child birthing classes with me and he agreed, but mind you that was months and months ago. Now that May has arrived, I have pre-registered for 5 classes; 4 of which he has to attend with me.

Being in a classroom setting with Ryan last night was like we were back at Wheaton, sitting next to each other, whispering silly comments back and forth, making fun of the teacher and other students in the class. I am usually a “good” student and I sit quietly, listening to the lesson. But ever since I met Ryan, I have realized that there is a time to be serious and listen to what is being said (when a year-end grade is involved) and a time to half-listen and half-entertain ourselves by making quiet, inappropriate comments to each other.

At one point, we did get dirty looks from other couples in the class, which made us laugh. And I’m sure the teacher was not enjoying us as students, but I paid $25 for these classes and if I want to talk, I’m going to talk!

Even though I knew most of the information that was being reviewed in the class, Ryan learned some new things that I believe I told him already, but like I said, it flew threw his head. He also learned very important tips–like how to relax me during labor by rubbing my back. I did enjoy getting a full body rub-down during class (as I’m sure all the mother’s-to-be did). I feel like if we don’t learn anything else in the next 2 classes of this series, then it was still worth the money and the 2 1/2 hours we spent whispering during the semi-informative slide show. Despite Ryan’s complaints, I felt like the few things he did learn will benefit me on D-day, which is super important to me. I don’t want him to be naive to what is happening to my body during contractions and pushing.

When this 3-class series is over, we are taking a class about how to handle and care for the baby after he is born. I know that Ryan is a little anxious about this aspect of having a baby, so hopefully this class will familiarize him with everything that is making him nervous so that he is more comfortable with holding the baby, diapering him, swaddling him–all that good stuff.

Even though the instructor is a little hokey and the diagrams and dolls are laughable, these classes are still beneficial to the both of us. It is also a way for me to torture my husband, of which I am always a fan!

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