This week has been rough for me.

One morning at work, I was preparing my usual morning yogurt parfait where I scoop yogurt from a large tub into a cup. Then I take the cup back to my desk and mix in granola with flax. Yum! But back to the story…

On the fourth scoop, I somehow managed to miss the cup completely and plop yogurt on my hand and the kitchen counter. I said out loud, “Did that seriously just happen?” At that very moment, my work friend, Jennifer, was walking by and started busting up laughing. She saw the entire thing. And then I lost it and was laughing so hard that I started to cry (better than peeing!) and she exclaimed, “I did not see that!”

The next day at work, I was enjoying lunch in the kitchen with Jennifer and I had my 32 ounce Nalgene bottle of water in front of me. We were chewing the fat and burning the afternoon hours on a slow day when I decide to grab my water bottle by the screw top and take a sip. Only the top of the bottle was not screwed on at all, it was just resting on top. As I lifted the cap up to my face (thinking the bottle would follow), the bottle actually fell to the table and water splashed out of the bottle, all over the kitchen walls, down my shirt and in my eye. Jennifer just about fell out of her chair she was laughing so hard. Then, of course, I started to cry because I was laughing uncontrollably. She got up and got me a paper towel to help clean up the mess of water on the walls and the make up running down my face. “Don’t worry,” Jennifer said, “I did not see that!”

The following day, in the late afternoon, a co-worker bought ingredients for ice cream sundaes and of course, I had to partake. After all, it would be rude not to. She did spend her own hard earned dollars on this wonderful afternoon treat…

As Jennifer was getting the good stuff lined up in front of our bowls, I started to scoop the ice cream. Just as I dug the scoop into the delicious almost-frozen dairy, a chunk of ice cream came flying out of the tub and landed right on my humongous belly. Jennifer laughed out loud as she grabbed me a paper towel and then picked up the fallen ice cream. Unfortunately, there were other people in the kitchen and they witnessed the entire thing. Awesome.

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