Time For Aidan

What’s totally silly about the title of this entry is that all my time BELONGS to Aidan. It’s not like he stands up in his crib and says, “Mama, pay attention to me!” All my time is given to this guy every second of every day! When I am not physically holding him or playing with him, he is constantly on my mind.

On my morning drive, I wonder what time he will wake up and when he does wake up, will he wake up on the wrong side of the crib? Will he sit up and hug his lovie and plot his escape from his crib?

When I’m at work, my nanny texts me A-man updates so I can get a sense of how well he’s napping or eating. Sometimes she sends me a picture so I can see his beautiful face or goofy grin.

On my drive home, Ryan’s already been home with him for 2 hours so we touch base once I hit the road to find out how he is doing. Last night, he sent me a picture of Aidan smiling from inside his crib and Ryan said, “He has mastered the letter M – mumumum! Mommy come home!”

I squealed with glee because Aidan has been saying “dada” for the past few days and now it’s my turn!

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