Signals Crossed

Ryan had a soccer game at 9pm tonight so we planned on eating dinner together with the A-man at 8pm at a sub shop called Jersey Mike’s.  There are a couple of these restaurants in our area and they make a really great sandwich.  All the meat is sliced to order so everything on the menu is very fresh.

I got the diaper bag all packed up with Aidan’s food, spoon, bib – everything he would need to have his dinner with us at the restaurant.  We usually take turns feeding him while we eat and it goes pretty well.

Since Ryan would have to leave for his game right after we finished eating, we took separate cars.  I left a few minutes before Ryan so that I could get Aidan situated at the restaurant in a high chair.

When A & I got to Jersey Mike’s, we waited for Ryan for about 5 minutes before he called me on my cell phone.  While I was at the Jersey Mike’s in Thousand Oaks, Ryan was at the Jersey Mike’s in Newbury Park.  It was too late for either of us to leave the restaurant we were at to meet up with the other person and have dinner together, so we dined at the same restaurant in different cities.

I was a little nervous about tending to Aidan all by myself in a restaurant that I intended to eat at, but I did it and had major success.  The Big A ate like a champ and I was able to eat at the same time as well.  It was perfect!  But it felt weird to be without Ryan; we have gotten so used to spending all our time together as a family unit–especially at dinnertime.  It gets lonely when we aren’t together!

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