Post December 14th

I can not believe I made it to December 14th with all my hair!

I can not believe I didn’t gain a million pounds from eating at my desk and working through lunch for 6 weeks straight!

I can not believe I have time to hold my son!

I really don’t like to talk about my work on my blog because this site is my own personal bubble where I can be silly (or try to be funny) and post videos and pictures of my son and dog without being judged. Because if you all don’t like it, what do I care?!

Well, I will say this about my job – it’s been a bear for the last two months and I can not believe that movie about a short guy with furry feet is finally out there in the world.

Since Monday of this week, I actually get home at a decent hour every night and don’t have to sit with eyes glued on my phone checking on emails, holding my breath against the next issue that’s bound to rise up. I finally have extra time to spend with the Big A – I forgot how good it feels to hold him and feel his wonderful baby weight on my shoulder.

I’m also choosing to not talk about the tragedy that happened in Connecticut last week. In our house, with our wonderful 18 month old son running around with a smile on his face, that tragedy is something we push from our minds and avoid discussing. All I can do is look at my perfect little family and be so grateful.

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