Go Dad, Go!

Ryan is the assistant coach for the Simi Valley boys varsity soccer team. Last night was the very first game that Aidan & I went to watch. By the time I got home from work, bundled up the Big A and headed to the field, we caught the last 30 minutes of the game. The weather was pretty frigid, so I didn’t mind braving it for half an hour.

Aidan thought the bleachers were so fun. He had a truck in one hand and a school bus in the other – I kept feeding him cheeze-its throughout the game – he was happy as a clam!

When someone scored a goal and everyone cheered, Aidan got a huge smile on his face and clapped his hands as well. I kept telling him Dad was on the field and he’d say “Dadda! Dadda!”

After the game, we walked down to the field where Aidan ran into Ryan’s arms and laid is head on his shoulder. It was such a great night.

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