Not Very Pleasant

I had a very minor procedure done on my leg last week to remove more of a skin abnormality for the dermatology specialists to take a closer look at. I go to the dermatologist every 6 months and they poke and prod my skin at each visit. One time, they removed 12 things–not very pleasant!

Well, the thing on my leg was just a freckle – they all are freckles, I never have had moles – and sometimes they look dark or feel rough and then the dermatologist will numb it, remove it and test it. The leg freckle had been biopsied and they said they needed to take more off in order to have a good reading. So they went in last week, hacked me up and gave me 5 stitches. Not very pleasant.

I had to take the week off from exercising, which is something I never have trouble doing. While I like working out and I like seeing the results of sweating it out on my lunch break, I do enjoy avoiding the speed walk to the gym, speed changing of my clothes, speed work out, speed shower, speed dress, then speed walk back to the office.

Well, this morning I finally get the stitches out of my leg and I’m so excited! I know it was only a few of them, but it was still unsightly and it’s not like they are soft or anything. They are stiff and black – like spider legs – I will be glad to have them gone!

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