Are You Kidding Me?!

This morning, as I mentioned in Not Very Pleasant, I had stitches removed from my leg.

While the doctor was in awe of the incision (it was done by a plastic surgeon, should I expect any less?) she told me after the stitches were out that the scar had not completely healed. She said that I was young with beautiful legs (duh), so I should take it easy on the walking, stairs, exercising for another week.


I waited 8 days after the procedure last Monday when the doctor told me I only needed to take a break for 4-5 days. I thought – give it a few extra days to heal, can’t hurt right? Now I find out that it wasn’t long enough and have to wait another week. I can feel myself getting fatter as I tell you this ridiculous story.

Exercising is not my issue, it’s the food. I love food. All I want to do is eat – and eat badly – but exercising makes me feel hungry so I pig out a little here and there and you know what? I don’t feel guilty. Because at lunchtime, I forgo the fast food to sweat it out with my co-workers for 30 minutes. Shouldn’t I get to enjoy a couple york peppermint patties???

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