3-Day Weekend

I do love a 3-day weekend! Ryan actually had the day off as well so got someone to watch Aidan so that we could go out and see a movie. I do love going to the movies, but the stuff I’ve seen these last 3 days hasn’t been that great. ‘Side Effects’ was just OK – ‘Die Hard’ was better, but that’s not saying much.

I wish that I could have seen ‘Safe Haven’ but it was a pretty popular movie this weekend and that made it tough to find a showtime that worked. But even if they turn off the lights and make shadow animals with their hands, I’d still enjoy going to the movies. Always have.

We also went to Costco to pick up a big-boy car seats for the A-man to use when he rides in Ryan’s car. I’ve had one of these in my car for months, but we finally got around to replacing the infant seat that Ryan had been using. Those infant seats are crazy because they say it will last until he’s 35 pounds, but he’s barely 27 pounds and he’s so scrunched up in that seat when he’s in it.

I’m so glad he can now ride facing forward to look out the window when he’s with his Daddy.

It’s back to work we go tomorrow, but I enjoy it so I’m not that bummed about my return to the office. I know Aidan isn’t that thrilled because he just loves having us home. But that’s what weekends are for!

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