Escape Artist

Last week, the Big A figured out how to escape his crib. He’s only 20 months old so I’m not sure what to do. I thought he’d be in his crib for a whole lot longer. I certainly don’t want him to continue getting hurt so maybe turning the crib into a toddler bed is the right decision. But I just KNOW he will not stay in that bed once he has an easy out. I thought about turning the crib around so that the higher side was towards the room and the low side towards the wall, but this weekend, I watched him crawl out of the crib and he uses the corner so turning the crib around might make it worse. And I have to admit, Aidan’s pretty good at escaping. Ryan & I both stood close to him and watched, but we did not help him. We wanted him to do it himself and he was pretty crafty as he swung one leg over, straddled the bar on his chest in a laying-down position and then swung the other leg over and then as he held onto the bar with both hands, he lowered himself down until his feet touched the floor.

This weekend, he seemed hesitant to climb out (while we were watching at least). When it was just me watching, he tried to climb out, but was reaching for me to pick him up, he wasn’t confident he could escape without making a swan dive to the ground. I think he can go a little bit longer in the crib, honestly. At least until my Dad & Mom visit at the end of March and Dad can turn the bed into one fit for a crib-escaping toddler.

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