A & I found ourselves wandering the aisles of the CVS Sunday morning after we finished grocery shopping at the Ralph’s next door.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when Aidan got side tracked and pulled down the toy aisle like it had a tractor-beam lock on his tiny baby body. He found four trucks that he was immediately in love with. He held up the excavator and the fire engine to me and said, “Buy?” He truly is his mother’s son.

I told him that he could only get one. So he looked at all four trucks – the two on the floor and the two in his hands. He placed the two in his hands on the floor as well so he could examine them all. One by one he put them back on the shelf until he finally landed on the fire engine – that’s the one he just had to have.

He carried it with pride to the check out where I told him to put the truck on the counter so the woman could scan it and we could pay for it. He did it so well, holding it up high while on his tippy toes. After she scanned it, he kept pointing at the truck on the counter saying, “Off! Off!” After paying, I handed him the truck and he followed me out of the store. Then he held up the truck again and said “Off! Off!” I looked at the truck and realized it still had the price tag on it, and he wanted it off damnit.  So I pulled it off and my boy was happy.

Then we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and yet again, I decided to forgo the shopping cart. He proceeded to test out every single patio set on display (with his new fire engine in hand). Every time he sat down, he would point to one of the other chairs and say, “Sit! Sit!” Being a good mommy, I played along for about 10 minutes. Then when I thought I couldn’t do it for one second longer, I told him we had to shop.

“Shop?” he said, questioning it’s meaning.

“Shopping is what you do when you want to look for something to buy.” I said.

Aidan seemed pleased with that idea and went running down a random aisle. I was happy to chase him away from the patio display. After I found what I wanted, we made our way to the check out and Aidan dutifully set his truck on the counter so it could be scanned. Being a good sport about the whole thing, the guy at the check out stand did scan it, which prompted Aidan to snatch the truck back in his possession, pleased with himself for “buying” the truck a second time.

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