Tonight, Ryan & I are going to see The Killers at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. I have never seen them in concert, but I love their music and have always wanted to see them perform live. Ryan saw them before and said they were so good, he had to take me. So here we are, going to see The Killers.

I’m always excited for a night out. I love my Aidan, but I need my adult time to keep me sane. As a precaution to staying up all night at a concert, I took Friday off from work and I’m so glad I did. Now today is my fake-Friday, oh how I love fake-Fridays!

The weatherman is predicting some ridiculously high temps on my day off so I am planning on taking Aidan with me to the beach. It will be my 2nd trip to the beach in Los Angeles, and Aidan’s 3rd. I can’t believe my 23 month old son has been to the beach more than his 31 year old momma!

I wish I could take Cali with us, she would enjoy the beach for sure. But I just can’t handle a dog and a baby all on my own. But I do love reminiscing about the days before Aidan, when I would take Cali with me on trips to the beach. She’ll always be my first born, that’s for sure.

While we are at the beach, Ryan & Brady will be driving to Las Vegas to spend a few days with Clark at the Variety World Conference. Honestly, I think I’m getting the better end of the deal on this 3-day weekend, just me & A.

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