Bye – Love – Seep

Before bed each night, Aidan & I sit together on the rocking chair in the blue room with his blanket and his sippy cup of milk. When he’s had enough of the milk, he hands me the cup and says “done.” He collects his “banket” and walks into his room. He says “Bisc” as he searches for his stuffed dog named Biscuit. When he finds him in his bed, he hugs him close to his neck and says “seep.” He lies on his back and stretches his legs out straight and asks for “coves” so I pull the covers up to his chest. He looks up at me and says “mooch” and then we kiss each other goodnight. I tell him I love him and he leans towards me and says “love” so we hug. He waves “bye” and goes to “seep.”

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