Very Best Version

Last night, Aidan was the very best version of himself. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a pretty good kid 99.9% of the time (we lucked out in that regard!), but he was just so much fun we didn’t want to put him to bed. We played all night and laughed so hard, none of us wanted the night to end. He ate extremely well at dinner and sat quietly during the entire meal in his chair visiting with us while we ate. After dinner, he rolled on the kitchen floor, playing with pots and pans while I fed him some of his chocolate chip cookie and cleaned up the dinner dishes.

In the living room, he bounced on my tummy for about 20 minutes, with his head back and he smiled and giggled towards the ceiling.  He kept saying “hug” and laying his head on my chest as I laid on the floor.

He was just bursting with affection, Ryan & I were sad to say goodnight!

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