Speed Demon

I’ll admit, I like to drive fast.

I’ve gotten two speeding tickets in the past two months. Insane, I KNOW!

I had no idea I was such a reckless driver until I got the 2nd ticket. After the 1st one, I was convinced the cop was being a jerk, but after the 2nd…well…maybe I should slow down?

Now, when I head to work and get on the freeway, I get cruising at 70mph and set it in cruise-control. I sit up straight, both hands on the wheel and both feet flat on the ground. My posture is much better since this new, slower me has emerged. And when I’m on the city streets with the limit of 35mph, I hover right around 30. I refuse to get another ticket! I think one more and they might suspend my license. No bueno!

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