Tonight, Aidan & I (along with friends of ours, Tim & Katie) will fly from Burbank to Sacramento. Ryan is going to meet us at the airport after driving up north from Los Angeles Thursday morning. He will pick us up and we will drive to Amador City where we will check into our hotel. We will not have any cell reception and very sketchy wi-fi so this weekend will be a true vacation away from work and all of our daily obligations. I’m looking forward to the inability to check my cell phone and reply to work emails.

Friday morning, we will get up at the crack of dawn, get rafting-ready in our swimsuits and sunblock and drive to the river. We will hopefully survive the white water rapids and surely be sore by the end of the day.

Saturday is a free day for everyone without any set plans. I intend to spend it with my son, exploring the town, shopping and eating ice cream. If that’s not the perfect way to spend a Saturday, I don’t know what is!

Then Sunday, the four of us will fly back to Burbank and then Aidan & I will load up into our car and drive home.

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