It’s official – Aidan & I are going to Aruba! It’s been years since I’ve felt the warm sunny rays of the Aruba sun and I can not wait to share this extraordinary beach experience with my son. Just me & the Big A. Yay!

We fly out on my birthday, January 24th and then fly back on February 1st. It’ll be a week of warm bliss, vacationing with my folks. I’ve wanted to visit them on their yearly Aruba trip for some time now and I finally get to go! Aidan will be such a fish, he’ll be one beautiful baby-prune for 8 straight days. We won’t be able to get him off the beach or out of the pool. He’ll be in little boy heaven.

I decided to surrender my usual travel plans during the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays and opt for a week in Aruba. I think I made a good decision!

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