Holding Him

Holding him while we rock in the chair around 9pm each night is my favorite part of his routine. He’s so soft and clean and warm after his bath. His hair smells super sweet.

Although I’m tired, my body aches and I still have a long list of things to do around the house before I can lie down and relax, this time with Aidan is so special to me. I love talking to him about his day and what he will do & see the following day.

I do not like when he holds up his milk cup and says ‘done’ because I do not want that moment to end. When he’s done with his milk, he’s so anxious to grab his blankie, slide off my lap and run into his room so he can jump into his bed (giggling the whole way).

He says ‘covers’ but doesn’t really want covers. He wants me to hold them up above his legs as he lies flat on his bed, and right when I lay the covers over him, he lifts his legs up over his head. This game goes on about 6 or 7 times until Cali comes in to see what the ruckus is about. When he finally allows the covers to drape over his body, I kneel down on his bed to give him a hug and a kiss and tell him I love him.

I do not like closing the door and leaving him in his room – even though he does not mind at all. I’d really like to scoop him up and sit with him a little longer.

So on those rare evenings when I hear him cry an hour after I’ve put him to bed, I’m not upset. Ryan may go in to rescue Aidan from whatever bad dream he had, but he still calls for me and says ‘rock’ – and in that moment, I’m always happy to oblige.

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