Enjoying the View

Aidan had a hard time sleeping at the hotel in Amador City when we went up north a few weeks ago.  Each morning he got up around 6am. He’d stand up in his day bed and stare at us in the adjacent bed saying ‘cars’ or ‘piss’ or ‘milk.’

I’d still be in a very sleepy state and Ryan wouldn’t even be awake (unless he was just pretending to be sleeping so I’d get up with A).

One morning I picked him up, got him his milk and we’d lay in the big bed together. But if he was talking too much or being too loud, I picked him up with his milk and his blankie and headed to the balcony. The hotel we stayed in had a balcony that had 3 doors connected to it; 2 for rooms which Ryan & I and Clark & Carolyn were staying in and the 3rd had access to the hallway between the rooms. I can still remember those early morning moments of me and Aidan curled up on a wicker chair together on the balcony, looking out at the street and town below, still quiet and sleeping. We listened to the birds and watched the people and dogs out for a walk. I would whisper in his ear and he would sit quietly soaking up everything around him.

I wonder if he’ll remember that moment when he gets older.

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