Snore Walking

Aidan enjoys a fake-snore no matter where he is!

The other day, A-man, Cali & I were out for a walk around the campus of Cal-Lutheran University to take in the beautiful weather, watch some baseball & look for chippies aka chipmunks. Aidan is pretty good at walking on his own, but after a while, he gets bored so he will start to weave from the side walk to the ivy to the dirt to the road. So I’m constantly slowing down to look behind me and tell him to keep moving.

He likes to kick the dirt when we transition from the cement side walk to the dirt bike path that trails along the side of a large, vacant field. I can hear him behind me scuffing the dirt and kicking little rocks with a constant dust cloud at his feet. pigp_02

I stopped walking when I could no longer hear his feet shuffling and turned around to see his back to me and his shoulders were rising and falling as he was fake-snorking. Up and down, snore in – snore out. “Come on silly boy, wake up and get walkin!” He turned around with a huge smile on his face and ran towards me to go beneath my legs saying, “Neath!”

When we got back on the cement side walk, he decided to cop a squat and proceeded to fake-snore again with his shoulders going up and down, his hands held out to his sides. Snore in – snore out – snore in – snore out. All while smiling that goofy smile.

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