Up-Chuck Baby

Yesterday afternoon, I spent 2 hours wiping, scrubbing, spraying and cleaning the back seat of my car where the Big A did a 7-hurl up-chuck. His car seat will never be the same despite me removing all the fabric to give it a hot soapy treatment in the washing machine. I had to take multiple breaks because the sour smell of vomit was overwhelming.

I remember when my friend (at the time) threw up all over my apartment when I was living in Burbank — couches & carpet — and even though we had a professional cleaning crew come in to treat EVERYTHING, the smell of vomit still lingered for weeks. I think that some of those horrifying smells can never be eradicated, no matter how long you spend scrubbing and soaking the soiled areas. And after all of my cleaning and then my money spent to make things new again, that ‘friend’ refused to reimburse me for any more than 50% of the cost, claiming she was strapped for cash. Then she got a boob job. Hmmm.

Anyway, back to the up-chuck baby…

…everyone hates to throw up. But I think it’s worse for a baby like the A-man because he doesn’t really know why it’s happening and he can’t NOT think about how crappy it feels to be sick, which makes you vomit more.

The only thing I had in my car at the time of his technicolor-yawn was a stack of Starbucks napkins, which did help remove the chunks at some level. But they tore and left clumps of napkin on his arms and legs, which freaked him out. When I got most of the mess cleaned up (as well as I could with napkins), we drove the remaining 3 miles to home. On the way there, I heard him yell and I looked back at his pathetic little face to see him staring & pointing at one of the moist balls of recycled napkin on his knee.

Between the two of us, we had 2 baths & 1 shower and at this very moment, I can still smell the puke.

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