It has been incredibly windy out here in sunny Los Angeles, making the ‘nice sunny days’ (as Aidan would call them) pretty chilly!  It’s hard for me to keep my hair in line during the windy fall days, and I’m sure most women feel this way about such unfriendly weather.  If it were up to me, it would be warm and sunny year-round, but I guess we have to break out the sweaters & UGGs every once in a while.

This weekend, we had rain on Saturday, which added to the unpleasantness of the weather, but I sucked it up and put on a baseball cap and hoodie so that my son & I could enjoy the weekend.  Sunday was dry with no rain – just unbearably cold gusts of wind.  Despite the wind, we spent over an hour at the park running around, chasing birds & squirrels, practicing tee-ball & soccer.  It was a great way to stay warm and burn off all that energy we had pent up since the rainy day before.

Ryan even met up with us towards the end of our park-time and he acquiesced to Aidan’s request for him to kick the ball into the sky.  During which, Aidan would squeal in a high pitch as the ball flew up into the air as if mimicking the motion of the ball with his voice; as the ball fell down to the ground, his squeal would turn downwards from high to low.

We have so much fun with this little boy, it should seriously be a crime.

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