Office Holiday Party

Today is our annual office holiday party and just like we did last year, we are having it at the Supper Club in Hollywood.  Last year was pretty incredible at this venue with great food & wine, as well as unexpected entertainment, which I would compare to something out of Cirque du Soleil.  The year before last, we went bowling in assigned teams, which as you are all aware, I’m not a fan of.

I’m so happy that we aren’t bowling this year!  I already have my outfit picked out so that I will not only look fabulous, but be comfortable while I eat, drink & carry-on with some nonsensical conversations with co-workers that I don’t usually get the opportunity to hang with.

I don’t like all of the tempting sweets and hidden calories during the holiday season, but I do love the parties that lead up to Christmas & New Year’s.  The few weeks before the gifts & then the end of the year are such a happy time for me to spend with my family and get some time away from work.  I’m also anxious for the year to end so that I can gear up for my birthday 24 days later!

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