Shopping is done!

Between amazon, ebay & gift cards, my 2013 Christmas shopping was done about 3 weeks ago.  I was so anxious about getting everything done in time that I actually wrapped it all as well.  It has been so much less-stress this year doing it all in October that I think I will try to do the same thing next year and get it all done as soon as possible.  Throughout the year, I also keep a list on my phone of gift ideas for everyone and when I come across a good deal, I buy it and check it off of my list.  This has been extremely helpful and I’m very pleased with the gifts I’ll be putting underneath the tree for my loved ones this year.

This year will be a little better than last year for my little boy who will be 2 1/2. I think he’ll be all about unwrapping gifts and less about the wrapping paper itself. I plan on setting up some of his toys under the tree, unwrapped, so that when he comes downstairs on Christmas morning, he can immediately see and touch his new toys.  Can’t wait!

But I still have to ship all of those presents back East, which is by far my LEAST favorite thing to do before the holidays.

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