We went to Target this past weekend so that Aidan could pick out a plate he liked, around which I would build a theme for his birthday party next month. The party store was overwhelming: between the balloons & candy on display, he had a hard time focusing on the plates & napkins. Who could blame him!

Target had less stuff and more of a unique selection so after much debate, he chose the dinosaur plates. Dino party it is!

I picked out some big & small dino plates as well as matching napkins. Now I’m running wild with ideas for the decorations, the cake, a bouncy house & party favors for the kiddies who come to the party. Ryan is in charge of the BBQ food and I’m doing everything else–yay! I’m having fun ordering things online like small, colorful dinosaur figurines, bubbles with dinosaurs on the caps, and a triceratops pinata (of course). They have these pinatas that come with a 19-pull-string kit so that no one has to smack it with a bat to crack it open – which is pretty hard for a 3 year old. Instead, all the kids line up & each one takes a turn pulling a string; only one string will release the candies & tiny toys to the ground.

The bakery I used last year for Aidan’s car-themed party did a great job making a landscape/race-track with cars on top that I had provided them.  So I’m going to see if they’ll do something just as cool for a dino cake. I already bought a dozen small palm trees as well as a dinosaur figurine that can be put on the cake. Maybe they can make a volcano too? Who knows! The possibilities are limitless!

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