Picture of Grammy D

I put Aidan down for a nap on Saturday and I hopped in the shower. Then when I came out of my room 20 minutes later to go downstairs and get some chores done around the house, I saw a picture that had been slid underneath his bedroom door. It was a picture of my mom & Aidan from last summer that is supposed to reside on his dresser. It is displayed in one of those picture holders that has a wire clip sticking out of a base (this ones base is Eyore from Winnie the Pooh).

Aidan managed to reach up on his tippie toes, grab that picture and stick it under his door.

I put my ear close to his door and didn’t hear a thing so I figured he stuck it under his door and THEN went to sleep. Wrong!

On my way back upstairs with laundry to put away, I see short, pudgy Aidan fingers underneath the door, trying to grasp the picture. I slowly opened his door and he jumped up from the ground and said, “Mom! Aidan got poop!!!” I smiled and told him, “Yes you do, I can smell it!”

He picked up the picture and said, “Aidan got picture of Grammy D!” He held onto the picture, looking at it intently, while I changed his poopy diaper.


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