Some call it slave labor…

…but I call it getting a helping hand!

I’ve decided to stop trying to clean the house with one hand and manage a little boy doing laps around me with the other. I used to freak out when he’d rub his hands in fresh windex spray on the coffee table, but now I give him a paper towel and make him wipe it up! He’s grown very fond of the hand-held dust buster so when it’s time for me to vacuum, I give him the task of sucking up dog hair off the stairs. Cleaning toilet bowls are also one of his favorite pastimes, using the toilet brush and swirling the water around and around.

He isn’t an ace at cleaning (not yet anyway) but practice makes perfect!

At first I was surprised how well he listened to what I said. He was doing exactly what I asked without talking back or saying no. It was like a light bulb went off above my head!  Now I just stand there and tell him what to do. Love it!


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