Aidan has gotten used to receiving packages in the mail – thanks to Grammy D! Now, he thinks that EVERY package is for him. Even when I adamantly tell him, “no, it’s something for mommy” – he won’t believe me until he sees it for himself. He was pretty upset when I opened up a box and it was a bright pink bra! But his sad face wore off with a sigh when he said, “just boobs.”

He was visibly displeased when we opened a flat package that had a book inside. I took the book out and showed it to him…what does he do? Put his hand inside the empty package and says to me, “no toy?”

Sorry, buddy, you don’t always get a new toy!

Ryan & Aidan have begun looking at eBay together at all the Disney Pixar cars that are for sale.  They never buy any, just scroll through the pages. Aidan asks, “what his name?” And when they get to one he really likes he says, “let’s go to mailbox to get it.” Ha! If only it were that simple.

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