Old Saint Nick was at mall and we kept trying to make time for a visit. Finally, we got to the mall and waiting in the dreaded line. After 20 minutes of watching Santa entertain kids and photos, the Big A finally got to meet Santa! He shook his hand, sat on his lap and gave him a big hug (while touching his beard). This year’s visit was really great–last year ended in tears.

Aidan was not scared of Santa at all. He was excited! Except when the visit was over…

…when he hopped off Santa’s lap and took my hand he said to me, “He didn’t have toys.” I guess I didn’t explain that very well! After all the pep-talks, helping Aidan rehearse & recite what he wanted for Christmas — so that he wasn’t silent when Santa asked — we failed to tell him what Santa would do with that information. Aidan thought that by telling Santa, he would get those things IMMEDIATELY. As if Santa had a big boy bike and color change hot wheels underneath his chair. Sorry buddy! Santa has to go back to the North Pole to make those toys.

Poor guy, he was pretty disappointed!


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