Sick Days

Sick days are not fun, especially when you aren’t the one who is sick. Taking care of a sick little boy is hard. Keeping him hydrated, giving him medication, getting him down for a nap. It certainly sweetens the situation when he’s in as good a mood as my little Aidan is. Right now, all he has is a cough and congestion of the chest and nose. But even when he has a fever, he is always so nice to be around. Always smiling. Always happy.

The last two days, Ryan and I split up staying home with Aidan so that he could get rest and one could go to work one day and the other on the next day. We have high hopes that two days home from school and then the weekend will help him kick this cold.

Ever since he moved from a stay-at-home nanny situation to preschool, he comes home with new germs daily that ultimately lead to a new illness each week. We can’t keep him healthy for more than 2-3 days in a row. It’s the absolute worst time for him to get sick because Ryan is coaching soccer after work and I’m too crazed at work to get out on-time, never mind early. It’s these sick days that make me wish he was still staying at home with the nanny. I know he needs to go to school, make friends and learn new things he could never learn from home, but this is killing me! It puts a lot of pressure on both myself & Ryan. It’s hard enough not seeing him for more than an hour each night, but the time we do spend with him is accompanied by persistent coughing & sniffles.

With the bitter cold and rain outside, I have the heat pumping inside to keep him cozy and on the road to recovery. Feel better my A-man.

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