So Tall!

Not only could Aidan ride 99% of the rides at Disneyland this year, but he is outgrowing all his pants! Unfortunately (but not really a negative, more of an inconvenience) his waist is not getting any bigger. So his ideal pant size is a size 4, but they are way too short. He looks ridiculous like he’s wearing pedal pushers. If you put him in a size 5 so they are long enough, they won’t stay up because his waist is so small and his butt is non-existent.

He is also able to reach up on his tip-toes and turn on the garage light. He used to grab a ruler and use that to reach the switch. But now he can do it with his fingers. I’m 5’6” and Ryan is over 6′ tall so I’m sure he’ll be tall when he’s finally done growing. But for now, he’s growing so tall so fast!

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