Big Boy Wallet

Aidan got his first big boy wallet with a robot on it for Christmas. Inside it was gift cards. I took him to the toy store yesterday to return something and let him carry his wallet for the very first time. I told him how important it was to not drop it or let anyone else have it. He seemed to comprehend its importance as he clutched it to his chest the entire time we were strolling the aisles searching for the one toy he does not already own.

When he found a train from the Planes movie that can carry cars inside of it, he was immediately locked on that particular toy.  Nothing could change his mind.

He took it up to the cash register, set it on the counter and tore open the Velcro closure on his wallet.  He pulled out the appropriate gift card and tried to scan it in the credit card scanner as he had seen me do a million times before. I successfully explained that his gift card could not work in that scanner and so he handed it to the cashier. When she finished the transaction and handed it back to him, he carefully put it back into his wallet, closed it up and held it close to his chest with one hand, his new toy in the other.

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