The Rape of the Lock: A Life Changing Encounter

A hearty violation of a million
tiny hairs—soft strings in distress
over the plastic teeth of a volatile comb:
raking, exploring and scrutinizing
each cowlick and unadorned lock.
Brisk, piercing sheers snip and clip away
the last 6 months of hard work
to strengthen preservation,
maintain a life without description…
In a matter of hours, it all becomes
the epitome of stunted growth.

In shock and soaking wet,
each wisp stands surprised.
Once mistakenly viewed as strong,
it is now defined by its ever present body
and inability to lie vacant hiding face.
As if energized by the violation,
it revels in not being pulled back
or hung low by its own weight.
Each inch of the scalp fills equally
with anticipation and confusion,
creating stimulation within;
bringing a thrill of restlessness
to the mind, activating the brain…
When the tension is released,
a distinctive persona comes into full bloom
with the union of body, soul and hair.

Copyright © 2008 N.E. Tasker

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One Response to “The Rape of the Lock: A Life Changing Encounter”

  1. Lisa says:

    I always loved your longer hair (I’m glad you left it long for the wedding’s updo). I felt violated of my memories of you when you got it cut…but then, hair does not define the person. It is the person within that defines the hair! You look great any way you wear it. And your personality shines like the streaks in your California bob…
    Love, Aunt Lisa

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