Changes In Climate

My home growing up was in Northwood, NH and it had about 13 acres of land all around it. We had a front yard full of lush, green grass that stretched to the main road and a back yard with a pool that met up with the woods. Summers in New England were always sticky and warm and I would walk everywhere on the soft lawn without shoes while picking blueberries or strawberries from our bushes in the yard. I could venture into the woods and run into the lake, surrounded by lake houses, barking dogs and kids on bikes. I could fall asleep at night on top of the covers with windows wide open in an effort to not overheat in the thick humidity that clogged the nighttime sky.

California has a more arid climate and when the sun goes away so does the heat. The brisk night that rises as the sun sets is a nice relief from the hot summer days. I have come to understand that owning a home with a 10’ x 10’ backyard in a good neighborhood in California means you have got it made.

The house Ryan and I bought a few years ago is a townhouse. It is really great and I totally love it. It was in move-in condition when we bought it and we had to do nothing to any of the rooms. The sellers had recently upgraded the cabinets in the kitchen, the paint in the bedrooms and all three of the bathrooms. The front door has a long walkway/balcony that is just for our entryway and there is a 2nd and 3rd balcony on the dining room and master bedroom.

I do wish, however, that I could let Cali out the door so she could go to the bathroom and trust she would return. However, the green space in our complex is shared by all the residents so we not only have to leash the dog when we take her outside, but have to pick up after her when she takes a poo. I do not mind strolling around the complex on a warm summer day, but in the rainy days of winter or the brisk hours before the sun comes up, I would do anything to not have to stand outside while Cali sniffs her way to the perfect spot.

Like many residents in California, we live in a quiet, residential town and work in the city. Our commutes each morning range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. And Cali, being the destructive monster that she is, has to be crated during the day. After owning her for about nine months, we have gotten the routine down, which includes our dog walker who visits Cali everyday during the week for a quick walk and bathroom break.

Back home in Northwood, we could let our dogs run free to roam the property and they would steer clear of the main road and venture into the woods to take a swim in the lake. You would call for them or say the word “cookie” and they would come barreling into the house.

I love where I live and have so many things to be thankful for. But I would not mind moving to one of those mansions on the hill where Cali can run free and I can eat bonbons and sip ginger ale all day long.

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