We cleaned out our garage to make room
for a second refrigerator and oh, the crap we found.
My car’s trunk is now filled within an inch
of not being able to close the door…
shoes, clothes, belts, hats, stuffed animals, bedding…
it is all destined for Goodwill donation.
Our garbage cans are full of out-dated
cleaning supplies with faded labels from which it is
nearly impossible to discern what they are used for.
The walls, for the first time, are becoming bare,
as large items are being reorganized or removed.
Our shelves are now neatly stocked…
paint cans, colorful storage bins,
Christmas decorations, tool boxes…
everything fitting in its own place.
Even our cars seem to glide more freely into their
respective spaces and drivers’ side doors can be opened
without tapping the wall or car to the left.
It is amazing how sucking it up
and tossing the things you truly do not need
will make life a little less crammed.

Copyright © 2008 N.E. Tasker

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2 Responses to “Cleaning”

  1. Lisa says:

    I am a firm believer in de-cluttering. I often tell people how it will free your mind and de-stress you…however, since moving into our bigger house, down in the cellar I have boxes of unused things that I still haven’t gone through. I tell myself I am saving it for a yard sale. Ha, I am just fooling myself! That crap will probably fetch me $25 bucks or less. I really don’t enjoy sitting behind a table trying to pawn my junk off on someone else. Maybe I should send my stuff to Goodwill, too, seeing how I enjoy GETTING stuff from Goodwill. (I wonder if they give vouchers???)

  2. Nicki says:

    I do not think they give vouchers, but I do know that you get a receipt with every donation you make and you can claim it on your tax return at the end of the year. All the donations add up.

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