Candy, Cookies & Cakes – Oh My!

You all know by now that I am a huge fan of food, especially sweets. One of my most frequented candy when in college was Sour Patch Kids, which I have just decided to call SPK. They always filled me up in between classes or late at night, were inexpensive and had 0g of fat. Sometimes I would chew a few, then I would switch to sucking off the sour sugary coating and succeeding in getting the gummy stuck in every crevice between my teeth. And if I was in the mood for something wild and crazy, I would wash them down with some Sprite and it was like the fizz would have a chemical reaction with the sweet/sour gummies.

Over the weekend, I was at Target and I could not resist picking up a bag of my oldest friend, the SPK. Yesterday, I ate about 60% of the bag as my late-lunch-mid-afternoon-snack and again they succeeded at keeping me full. Today I am treating myself to some SPK (I may/may not finish the bag, we will see how it goes). I have discovered, however, that too many can really make you sick, and not enough can leave you craving more. Alas, I have decided to save a few for tomorrow so in the drawer they go.

In college, I frequented the movies a lot with my friend Tara and SPK in tow. Tara used to alternate between the SPK and something chocolaty sweet to even out the tastes in her mouth. But I just can’t mix the two. I mix my foods on my dinner plate without any problems, but never sweets & sours, that’s just wrong. Sweets & sweets, on the other hand, well–that’s a different story altogether.

My lunch that my mom packed for me when I was younger consisted of the following: some kind of sandwich (usually bologna, mayonnaise and American cheese), a bag of chips, string cheese, chocolate pudding snack pack, fruit chews, one of the many delicious Hostess desserts (ho-ho, cupcake, ding-dong, snowball, funny-bone, twinkie or suzieQ), and a diet soda. I do not remember a lunch time when I did not dump the fruit chews into the pudding and eat it like some kind of mystery treat, not knowing what would be in each spoonful. And depending on the dessert my mom put in the bag that day, there could be some pudding dipping/licking with a suzieQ, or unrolling of a ho-ho to stash some fruit chews then rolling it back up and taking a bite.

Even today I have my moments when I do whatever I can to make a dessert 1,000 times better…

Why just eat a brownie when you could heat it up in the microwave and top it with a scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream? The ice cream slowly melts as it warms up to the brownie and every bite is an inviting taste and feel of warm and cold coliding on your tongue.

Why buy regular Oreos when you get the Double Stuffed Oreos, remove the cookie off of two and squish together the “stuffed” side of both cookies to make a Quadruple Stuffed Oreo? Take that thing and soak it in some milk and it is like you have been reborn. All of the delicious, moist chocolate cookie soaked in milk, drooping around the double layers of white stuff–that’s right, no one knows what it is…definitely some sugar involved, but who can know for sure?

I feel like I have gained a few pounds just thinking about these sugary treats!

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