The Bachelor Update

Last night I watched my Tivo’d copy of the Bachelor that aired Monday night and I was squealing with laughter when the fourth hometown date involved the girl, Amanda (aka “meeps”) hiring actors to play her parents. The fake parents were totally over the top with the Bachelor, Matt, and he was so embarrassed when the fake mom started to rub his nipple and kiss him all over. But even worse, the fake dad was mad at Matt for coming on to the fake mom! You should have seen Matt’s face, he was so flushed! Matt was trying so hard to prove to Amanda’s family that he was a good guy and they made it impossible for him to do that. But Amanda unveiled the prank when she feared it had gone too far and I think he genuinely liked the fact that she played a trick on him. You can tell that Matt is an easy going guy. If he was not so laid back and fun, he would not have given Amanda a rose at the end of the show.

But I always think when watching this part of the show (the hometown visits) that the families of the women are fairly normal with a bit of crazy mixed in. There is nothing spectacular about where they lived growing up. In the end, no one is perfect and everyone is a little weird. You can not blame these women at all for their families being odd, if anything, it helps the viewers to get to know the women better. You can tell that most of the women even get a kick out of bringing the Bachelor home and having him gawk, marvel, or even stutter at their mom, dad and siblings who are drilling him with questions about love.

I am routing for Matt, more so than any of the women that are left. He seems so genuine and like he already knows which girl he will spend the rest of his life with. All three women are great in my book (of course my opinion matters!). But it is definitely either Shayne or Amanda that will ultimately steal Matt’s heart. I guarantee he will propose to one of them when the whole thing is over. If you watch the show, you will agree that Chelsea talks too much and at the wrong times. Matt tries to be romantic and lovey-dovey with her when they are alone together and she seems so rough around the edges. Do not get me wrong, she is wicked pretty, but acts so butch and sporty all the time and is very particular about PDA (she prefers to link arms over holding hands because holding hands disgusts her–???). He has made it clear he likes to hold hands and kiss and be touchy-feely…I just do not see it working out for Chelsea.

Either Shayne or Amanda will be a great fit for Matt. And I think both will hold on to their relationship until the last episode airs so they can be seen in public together. That has to be the killer: getting engaged on TV and then not being able to be with that person for weeks and weeks on end to keep the element of surprise. That has to be one of the hardest things that keeps these relationships from going further than the final “Where Are They Now” episode.

Did I tell you that Ryan plays on an indoor soccer team with The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison?

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